On The Web: Tips for Holiday Loneliness and Holiday Parties (YAI)

On The Web: Tips for Holiday Loneliness and Holiday Parties (YAI)

Holiday Loneliness and Holiday Parties


Quotes from Holiday Loneliness: Tips for When You’re Invited to a Party, But Don’t Have a Date

“[H]olidays are even more nerve-racking for my neurodiverse friends than for most neurotypicals. Travel is not just a hassle, it is over stimulating. Family members are not just difficult, they can be ignorant and hostile. Even mundane things can be problematic. Alexandrea Van Der Tuin, an autism advocate, points out, ‘People with ASD can react negatively to food, music, perfume, and even the spike heels we feel forced to wear.'”

“If you have autism, chances are you struggle with developing social relationships. Chances are that you are single at holiday time. While you may feel lonely year round, that feeling is worse when you open a holiday party invitation that encourages you to bring a date.”

“Don’t feel pressured to have an endless conversation or jump from person-to-person. ‘Give yourself permission to take a brief break,’ says Dr. Rebecca Sachs, Clinical Psychologist at The Midtown Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in New York City. ‘Take a quick walk, go to the bathroom, write a text to a loved one or take 10 deep breaths when you start feeling overwhelmed.'”

“‘Own your feelings of loneliness and accept them,’ says Sharon Valencia, program associate of Ladies on the Spectrum Connection. ‘Once you have accepted the fact that you are lonely, go out there and be active. Go out for a jog, work on an art project, reorganize your closet. Take advantage of your time alone to be productive on projects that are meaningful to you.'”

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