Try this amazing tool if you’re unmotivated or too busy for dating

Try this amazing tool if you’re unmotivated or too busy for dating

You need to find time and motivation

Songs have been written about time.  Many songs.  Some about too much time.  Some about too little time.  Both situations are bad for your dating life.

Too little free time hurts your dating life.  You tell yourself, “I’m too busy for dating.”  Once you believe that, you stop finding time to practice your dating skills.  You stop finding time to meet potential partners.  And, when you do find the time, you aren’t likely to be successful because haven’t lay a foundation.

Your dating life also suffers when you have too much free time.  You stop practicing your dating skills because you procrastinate.  You lose motivation.  You convince yourself, “I have so much free time, why practice my dating skills now?  I can do it later.”  But you never do it later.

Whether you have too much free time or not enough, your solution may be on your phone.  Or on your computer.  Or maybe in your drawer.

Your solution is your calendar.  Not just any old calendar.  I’m going to teach you how to create a Dating Calendar.

Dating Calendar is a regular calendar but supercharged.  Your regular calendar only lists your appointments.  Your Dating Calendar lists your appointments plus everything else you plan to do that day.


You don’t have to buy anything to create a Dating Calendar.  The first step is to open the regular calendar you use.  (Don’t start a new calendar!)

How long into the future are you comfortable planning?  Let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re only good at planning one week into the future.  So, for the next step, plan out your entire next week. Start by doing this:

  • Block off your work/school hours in your calendar
  • Block off your commuting hours
  • Block off the times you eat meals
  • Block off your regular activities like watching TV, showering and reading before bed

Did I mention that everything you do goes into your Dating Calendar?  Everything.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, haircut appointment, hanging out with friends, naps….it all goes in.  I spend an average of 30 minutes in the bathroom every morning…that goes into my Dating Calendar, too.

I bet you have never seen what your life looks like when every activity is on the calendar.  It looks different.  Much different than a calendar that only lists your appointments.

Take a few minutes to enter every appointment, every commitment and every activity into your calendar for the next few days.  I’ll wait….


Maybe the headline is a bit unfair.  Committing to a Dating Calendar is a huge step.  Motivating yourself to open up your regular calendar is a huge step.  And blocking out your daily commitments is a huge step.

But I’m here to help you find love.  And to do that you need to practice certain dating skills and then use them in the dating world.  So the next step is to block out time in your Dating Calendar for…dating.  Start by blocking out a half hour on Tuesday and a half hour on Friday.  Why, you ask?  Because those are the days I send you these emails!

Then block out another hour or two for dating each week.  Use that hour to meet new people or continue practicing new skills.

I’ll wait again while you block out some dating time….


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  • If you think you are too busy for dating, a Dating Calendar will help you find time for dating
  • If you have a lot of free time, a Dating Calendar will help motivate you
  • To create a Dating Calendar, open your existing calendar and fill it with every conceivable activity in your day
  • Remember to block out time for practicing dating skills and meeting potential partners
Jeremy Hamburgh
Jeremy Hamburgh

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