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You’re Standing Wrong, Part 2

Stance - distance and angle

In Part 1, you chose the stance that matches your image. Now let’s discuss how to use it… A PERFECT STANCE REQUIRES THE RIGHT PERSONAL DISTANCE Personal space is an important part of body language, and it has a huge effect on whether your potential partner is comfortable or uncomfortable with you.   Believe it […]

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You’re Standing Wrong, Part 1

The importance of a proper stance

It feels like a long time ago that I was sitting on an airplane with my mom and sister trying to figure out what to call my neurotypical dating coaching business.  We thought up a lot of dating-related words, and eventually settled on the word hitch and ultimately the name Hitchcraft. Believe it or not, I had not […]

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[Villager Voice] One Aspie’s Cross Country Move For Love

One Aspie's Move Across Country for Love

Guest post by Kelly Herrewig I used to think I was meant to be alone.  After all, my past relationships obviously didn’t work out, which is why they’re past relationships.  I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere, with anyone, doing anything. Now, I am with someone I love and he loves me back.  It wasn’t easy, but here’s […]

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When is the Right Time to Disclose Your Disability to Your Partner?

When should you disclose your disability?

When I started coaching singles, my goal was to give advice as grounded in science as possible. Then I started working with Adaptations and got hit with a question that has been baffling me ever since. WHEN SHOULD I DISCLOSE MY DISABILITY? As I’ve learned over-and-over, this is one of the biggest dating questions for people with […]

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The Top 7 Topics that Scare People Away

7 Topics to Avoid

Last night, my wife, Lisa, and I celebrated a friend’s birthday with a group dinner.  As we were finishing our dinner, one person brought up Middle East politics and shared an opinion about it.  Then another person shared an opinion on the topic.  And a third person shared an opinion.  As can happen with politics, the conversation […]

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How to Turn Small Talk Questions to Your Advantage, Part 2

Dynamic Answers to Small Talk Questions

The last article may have left you a bit confused, maybe even frustrated.  We discussed the importance of giving Dynamic Answers to Small Talk Questions but I didn’t give you useful guidance for how to do that.  That’s what today is about. (If you didn’t get the article in your inbox, that’s because you’re not receiving the *FREE* STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE […]

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Dates Announced for Winter 2014 Adaptations Dating Group

Dates announced for Adaptations Dating Group

Adaptations, The Young Adult Life Skills Network, announced the dates for its 2014 Dating Group. Dating Group is comprised of single, neurodiverse men and women who are either beginning to date or are actively looking for a partner.  Our members are all high-functioning individuals with diagnoses including ASD and Aspergers, ADHD and learning disabilities. Each […]

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How to Turn Small Talk Questions to Your Advantage, Part 1

Eliminate Small Talk Questions with Dynamic Answers

If you haven’t been getting the *Free* Step-By-Step Guide to Dating Smarter and Finding Love Faster, get it now because we’ve been working on how to eliminate Small Talk Questions by making declaratory statements, starting conversations in the middle, and asking questions of substance. (I’ll wait while you sign up… It’s in the right sidebar.)

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How to Eliminate Small Talk Questions Forever, Part 2

How to eliminate small talk, part 2

In my last article, we discussed how to eliminate Small Talk Questions by using Declaratory Statements.  We’re not done yet because there’s more than one way to eliminate Small Talk Questions, and I love to give you options rather than rules. START A CONVERSATION IN THE MIDDLE Our brains work in a funny way.  When we meet new people, we […]

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How to Eliminate Small Talk Questions Forever, Part 1

Replace Small Talk Questions with Declaratory Statements.

In my last article, you learned that Small Talk Questions are the #1 conversation killer.  I promised that today you start doing better.  Are you ready? Today is Part 1 of eliminating Small Talk Questions. REPLACE SMALL TALK QUESTIONS WITH DECLARATORY STATEMENTS Recently, I went to dinner with 15 people, about half of whom were strangers.  One of the strangers was […]

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The #1 Mistake You’re Making That Kills Conversation

Eliminating Small Talk Questions

Did you know that I co-founded a organization for young adults?  Yup, I did.  It is called B’nai Jeshurun Tze’irim 20s & 30s.  (I didn’t choose the name.) As a founder of Tze’irim, I watched thousands of people meet each other at our events.  By my estimation, 95% of the conversations I overheard went nowhere.  Do you […]

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Start Conversations a Better Way & Stop Being Ignored

Killer Conversation Starters

Tell me if this sounds familiar:  You work up the courage to meet someone and you say, “hi.” He or she says “hi” back to you. It’s your turn again.  You say, “I’m ________.  What’s your name?” He or she responds, “I’m  ________.  Nice to meet you.” Then you pause awkwardly, trying to figure out how to […]

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How to Conquer First Move Fear

In the last article, we talked about how paralyzing First Move Fear can be.  Today we start eliminating your First Move Fear.  Get out your Action Plan and write down these two steps… STEP 1:  KNOW BEFORE YOU GO The first step to overcoming First Move Fear is preparation.  As I like to say: Know before you go. What do I mean by that?

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Are You Brave Enough to Walk Up to Strangers?

Overcoming the fear of approaching attractive strangers

When I think about my early dating life, I can still feel those pangs of anxiety.  I still remember hanging out with my best friend every couple of days and asking, “So have you met any girls?” “No,” he would respond.  “Have you?” “Nope,” I would say, feeling defeated. This same conversation repeated itself for […]

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