Overwhelmed? Multi-Purposing Events Can Save You Time and Aggravation

Overwhelmed? Multi-Purposing Events Can Save You Time and Aggravation

Multi-tasking events

Dating takes effort, no doubt about it.  My wish is that you get some enjoyment out of it.  The more you enjoy the dating process, the sooner you’ll find your special someone.

Just the opposite is true, too.

The more dating becomes like a job, the less fun you’re going to have doing it.  You know what happens when you’re doing something you hate.

So how do you make dating fun and interesting?


Do you know what makes me sad?

I feel sad when I sit down with a client and ask, “How has your week been so far?

And my client responds, “I spent every evening trolling online dating websites.

When you spend every evening grinding away at dating, you start hating it.  You also become a less interesting person because dating becomes your only hobby.  Instead, you should enjoy life. You need to have fun doing the things you enjoy.  Not just one kind of fun, lots of kinds of fun.


Now may seem like the wrong time to purse new activities, but there is actually no better time.  After all, there are few better topics of conversation with a potential partner than, “You’ll never guess what I just started doing this month…

Finding new passions may be easy for you because you may have new activities in mind already. If not, take a few minutes to think about these questions:

  • What did you used to enjoy doing that you don’t do anymore?  (Think about all ages of your life, starting from when you were a kid.)
  • What would you like to try that you haven’t done before?
  • What have your friends, associates, classmates and colleagues done that you’d like to try?

That should give you an idea for an activity to start with.  Need more ideas?

  • Go through your local paper’s calendar of upcoming activities
  • Browse a website like Time Out
  • Do a Google search for events in your area…

…and start doing the things that interest you.  Doing just one event that you’ve never done before will make you a more interesting and well-rounded person.

What activity are you thinking of starting?  Read what my plan is and share your own in the Comments, below.


If you picked a few events and had fun for the sake of it, I’d be happy.  But nothing says that having fun has to be your only goal.  As a busy person, Multi-Purposing Events can be a smart choice as a dating strategy.

What does Multi-Purposing Events mean?  It means doing activities for the primary purpose of enjoying them and, at the same time, having a secondary goal of meeting potential partners at the activity.

So, join a runner’s club if you enjoy running.  Attend a cooking class if you enjoy cooking.  Don’t put pressure on yourself to meet anyone; just make sure you are loving the heck out of the activity.  And, while you’re enjoying yourself, say hi to the person next to you.  Ask why he or she is also at the activity.  Maybe you’ll be attracted to each other.  Maybe you’ll ask him or her to be part of your Love Network.  You won’t know until you try.


I was thinking about President Kennedy today and how he encouraged Americans to “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  (Watch it here.)  Obviously, we aren’t building a country here at Hitchcraft Dating; we are building our Village, and it needs your help to thrive:

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  • You should have as much fun dating as you possibly can
  • Pursue the activities you have always been passionate about
  • Consider pursuing a new activity and sharing your choice in the Comments
  • Mutli-Purpose Event by doing what you enjoy with the secondary goal of meeting potential partners
  • Be social to maximize your opportunities for meeting potential partners
Jeremy Hamburgh
Jeremy Hamburgh
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  1. Jeremy Hamburgh says:

    Even though I can’t multi-purpose events since getting married, I want to keep trying new activities to make life interesting. Skydiving is on my to-do list as a fun activity. Attending neurodiverse meetups is on my to-do list as a learning activity.


  2. Tony Langdon says:

    This is a strategy I have called “being in social circulation”, and for me it has been so effective it’s worked when I _wasn’t_ looking! Being involved in one’s own interests can simply attract other people with the same interest. My first partner happened to be the friend of a friend of a guy I happened to bump into by chance on CB radio (required the right conditions for that to actually happen!).

    These days, I’m in a similar boat to yourself Jeremy, no need to multipurpose, but still looking to broaden my interests. In any case, it’s a strategy I can vouch for – it can be _too_ effective sometimes! :)

    • Jeremy Hamburgh says:


      I love the phrase “being in social circulation.” Did you make it up? And can I borrow it?


  3. Andrew Young says:

    This sounds like a good idea. I’m considering using it as part of my Action Plan.

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