In The News: Autism and Dating (The Forward)

In The News: Autism and Dating (The Forward)

From Awkward to In Love by Rukhl Schaechter

Quotes From From Awkward to In Love

“[Dating] is becoming a major focus in the field of autism spectrum disorders…People with autism have the same natural desire to be intimate as others, but they don’t have the social skills, which can be dangerous.  They might try something that feels right to them, and then get arrested or be taken advantage of.  Programs like these [Adaptations] help these young people learn everything that’s involved in dating someone.” – Jill Brickman, clinical psychologist

“When [Mark Dreyfus] first joined, Dreyfus already had a job on Wall Street but couldn’t handle the stress of working with people…Through an individualized program, the Adaptations team found a work situation to address his needs.  Today, he repairs computers in a quiet room of a Best Buy outlet while his co-workers deal with the customers at the front desk.” – Rukhl Schaechter, author, referencing Katrina Reese, Job Path’s assistant director of employment services

“The discussion was not a training session for recovering fans of George Costanza from ‘Seinfeld.’  The recent session, led by moderator Jeremy Hamburgh in a classroom at the JCC in Manhattan, was part of a dating workshop for young people with Asperger’s syndrome and other special needs.  Sponsored by Adaptations, a program that aims to strengthen the independent living skills of special needs individuals, the sessions provide participants with a safe environment to learn about relationships, intimacy and sexuality — areas that individuals with Asperger’s are often ill-equipped to negotiate, because of their inability to perceive many social cues.” – Rukhl Schaechter

* Please note that the article states: Adaptations is developing an online dating site for people with Asperger’s and other developmental disabilities.  Since the publication of this article, Adaptations has agreed in principle to be a partner of Hitchcraft Dating instead.

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