This Expert Could Hold the Key to Finding Love

This Expert Could Hold the Key to Finding Love

How to decide whether to use a matchmaker

We talked recently about using the Love Networks of your friends and family.  Whether you choose that strategy or not, you should know that your friends and family aren’t the only people with Love Networks.  There are professional Love Networkers.  You may know them as matchmakers.

Many cultures continue to rely to some degree on matchmakers to pair-up marriage-minded people.  Ashkenazi Jews have the shadchan.  Hindus have the astrologer.  They are considered professionals in their communities.

In America, matchmakers were never a mainstream way to find love.  Perhaps it was a reaction to the “old world” ways of doing things or maybe Americans just valued their freedom to make their own dating decisions.  Interestingly enough, the winds have changed and matchmaking is on the rise.

I’ve encountered a few good explanations for matchmakers’ new-found popularity:

  • Some people who are too shy approach strangers enjoy having potential partners introduced to them
  • Some people whose neurodiversity makes it difficult to attend large events appreciate that matchmakers present them potential partners one-at-a-time
  • Some people who find the dating world overwhelming enjoy the simplicity of matchmakers
  • Some people who don’t like the fibbing in online dating appreciate the quality assurance of matchmakers
  • Some people have been unsuccessful in finding their own potential partners enjoy having someone else find love for them
Do you fit in any of those categories?  Then matchmaking might be for you.  Let your fellow Villagers know in the Comments, below, whether or not you plan to hire a matchmaker.  You’ll be helping others make their decision.


There are a lot of different types of matchmakers, so if you choose to hire a matchmaker as part of your dating strategy, it helps to know what kind you want.

There are affordable matchmakers and there are expensive matchmakers.  There are religious matchmakers and ethnic matchmakers.  There are independent matchmakers and online dating site matchmakers.
Whichever type of matchmaker you choose, make sure of the following:
  • That the person who interviews you is the person who matches you
  • That the matchmaker you understands you’re neurodiverse
  • That the matchmaker has a group of neurodiverse clients and/or neurotypical clients who are open to neurodiverse partners
  • That you understand the fee structure and won’t get hit with any surprise charges
  • That the matchmaker has a good success rate
  • That you know how many matches you’ll receive
  • That you know what to do after you’re given your matches
The point is that you want to hire someone who will help you and not someone who will scam you.


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  • Matchmakers can be great for people who are frustrated with the mainstream dating scene
  • Some matchmakers cater to everyone.  Others cater to specific niches.
  • Make sure you pick a reputable matchmaker who has experience with neurodiversity
  • Do you plan on hiring a matchmaker?  Why or why not?  Tell us in the Comments, below.
Jeremy Hamburgh
Jeremy Hamburgh
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  1. Andrew Young says:

    I will eventually hire a matchmaker. But I’m going to make sure it’s at a reasonable cost and it helps me.

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