Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging on Hitchcraft Dating


1.  Original content.  The article must not appear anywhere else in print or on the web.     

2.  Short biography.  Include 1-2 sentences about yourself.  It must contain your affiliation with the neurodiverse community.

3.  You may include up to 2 links to your own website.

4.  No length requirement.  It can be as long or short as it needs to be to cover the subject.

5.  Submit your article as a Microsoft Word file or share it on Google Drive.

6.  Keep self-promotion or product promotion to a minimum except in the short bio.

7.  Proofread!  It will be sent back to you for editing otherwise.

Due to Google’s most recent updates…

1.  You cannot republish the article on your own blog or any other website.  Google hates duplicate content!  However, you are encouraged to share the link.

2.  You are encouraged to include links to articles on other authoritative websites.

3.  Hitchcraft Dating reserves the right to edit the article for content and style.  You will be given final approval over all major changes.

How to Submit

Send an email to containing the following items:

1.  The specific topic, theme or issue you want to cover

2.  A short outline of your main points

3.  Your short bio