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Dating smarter and finding love is a faster and easier when you break it down into simple, manageable parts.


Everybody struggles with dating.  But you don’t have to.

I have helped every variety of single person find love — young, old, men, women, gay, straight, employed, unemployed, special needs, you name it.  It doesn’t matter who you are, nobody has an easy time sweeping strangers off their feet.

I used to be just like my clients.  My friend, Sam, would ask me every Monday, “So did you meet anyone this weekend?”  You can guess what my answer was.  I struggled with how to start a conversation.  I struggled with how to keep conversations going.  I struggled with how to land a first date.

You don’t have to struggle.

Some dating coaches will email you a dating tip of the day.  Some dating coaches will email you dating advice as they think of it.  I won’t do that because I don’t think you’ll benefit from that.  The *FREE* STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO DATING SMARTER AND FINDING LOVE FASTER is methodical.  You start at the beginning and get a new less every few days that builds on the one before it.

This isn’t some self-congratulatory book from the self-help section of your local Barnes and Noble.

When I first started working on Hitchcraft Dating — when it wasn’t a twinkle in anyone’s eye — my first trip was to the bookstore.  It had shelves of books about dating.  You couldn’t get through them all in a lifetime, there were so many.  But I was on a mission, and I plowed through more than I care to admit.  (A flight attendant looked at me like I had three heads as I read a particularly woman-oriented one.)

Most dating books suck.  Let me list some of the ways:

  • Some are written like you’re a moron.  One went so far as to define date for the reader.  Seriously.
  • Some are based on nothing more than the author’s personal experience.  I like an autobiography as much as the next guy, but one person’s experience doesn’t make a great dating guide.
  • They don’t pace you.  Think about this for a second.  You read books as fast as possible.  You read them even faster when they promises you the moon.  (“Find Your Special Someone In 7 Days!”)  That’s a recipe for failure.  Dating encompasses a large handful of different skills, and you can’t master them by racing through a book. You need to pace yourself.  Master one skill at a time and then put them all together.  That is exactly what I will help you do.

I will teach you five simple ways to find love.

I love giving my dating workshop, Simple Scientific Strategies for Snagging Your Special Someone, because peoples’ eyes light up when they realize that three minutes or less.  Most of them have a common thread running through thefinding love can be rather simple.  For me, though, the most fascinating part of the workshops are after Q&A.  That is when frustrated singles run up to me and ask me to solve their dating problems in three minutes or less.  Many of them share a common problem.

Many people create a dating routine.  They get comfortable with one way of finding love and stick to it.  For you it may be singles events.  For others it is speed dating or online dating.

When you sign up for the *FREE* STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO DATING SMARTER AND FINDING LOVE FASTER, you will learn five ways to find love.  Actually, you’ll do more than that.  You’ll put them to work for you.  Do you want to know what they are?  Sign up now.

Finding love faster is only one benefit of this guide.  Don’t take my word for it.  This is what other people say they experienced because of my chronological approach to dating:

  • More confidence
  • Less anxiety
  • Less shyness
  • Having fun meeting new people
  • More exciting conversations
  • Deeper interactions
  • A more fulfilling social life
  • A healthier perspective on dating
  • Better time management
  • A fuller understanding of your likes and dislikes
  • Insight into why singles act the way they do

You’re going to love putting your best foot forward.

How much do I want to help you?  Check out these other FREE things I am going to give you.

  • You get the report 15+ THOUGHT PROVOKING QUESTIONS TO SPARK A REAL CONNECTION.  Until now, you had to be a paying client to receive this.
  • You also get the report 10+ SMALL TALK QUESTIONS THAT KILL CONVERSATION INSTANTLY.  This is a brand new report that will set you apart from the crowd.
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  • As an added gift, you’ll get a certificate for a FREE personal coaching session ($99 value) when you buy one at regular price.

Is there a catch?

No, there are no catches.  There are no strings attached.  Put away your credit card, I’m not going to ask for it.  Seriously, this is free.

What next?


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