The Zen of an Action Plan

The Zen of an Action Plan

The Zen of an Action Plan

In the last post, we talked about preparing to date.  One of the five powerful ways to start is by creating an Action Plan.


As you read all the advice that Hitchcraft Dating has to offer, you will have “aha moments.”  Those are the moments when you are reading pieces of advice and you say, “Aha!  That makes sense! I need to do that.

Do you know what the worst part is of an aha moment?  Forgetting what you wanted to remember. So, from experience:

  • Don’t convince yourself that you’ll remember them.  You won’t.  There will just be too many important pieces of advice to remember.
  • Don’t write them on post-its.  You’ll lose them.
  • Don’t write them on your hand.  My guess is you’ll be washing that hand.
  • Don’t write them on scrap paper.  It’s called scrap for a reason.
  • Don’t tie a string around your finger.  You’ll have too many strings and they will cut off your circulation.

Write your ideas in a special notebook or computer file, and call it your Action Plan.  

I can’t tell you how ridiculously helpful it is to have an Action Plan. When you keep track of your most useful dating advice, you’ll never have to start from the beginning. Ever. Your Action Plan will be your blueprint for how to go about dating smarter and finding love faster.

Make a file or grab a notebook. Yes, now. I’ll wait….


Since you decide what ideas go into your Action Plan, I’m leaving it to you to decide how to organize it.

To give help you start organizing your Action Plan, I am going to give you a quick overview of the categories of dating advice we’ll be covering in the next few weeks.  You may want to organize your Action Plan around the 9 categories.  (Notice that the list closely tracks the way the Free Dating Articles are organized?)

  • Preparing for dating smarter (You may have noticed that we’re in the middle of this one.)
  • Proven ways to meet singles & find a date
  • The secrets to online dating & a writing great online profile
  • Ice breakers: How to choose the right pick up lines & avoid rejection
  • How to create a spark with conversation & become a dynamic storyteller
  • How to flirt & master the body language of dating
  • How to plan a great first date & avoid common first date mistakes
  • Kissing:  First kisses, French kisses & the art of sealing the deal
  • How to get from a first date to a relationship

Just reading the list excites me.  I want to help you find love.  So many of my clients are now in successful relationships and my goal is to get you there next.


I’d love to know what your first Action Plan entry is about.  Share it in the Comments, below, and see what others are writing about.

Want to know a little bit about my Action Plan?

I’m not dating anymore, but I have an Action Plan for Hitchcraft Dating.  Every time I read it, I’m reminded that the key to making this Village work is by writing helpful dating tips and advice for real people like you.  I’m also reminded that you’re my only marketing assistant.  Take two seconds and click some of these social sharing buttons :  Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUpon


  • An Action Plan will help you keep track of the advice that’s meaningful to you.  It will be your blueprint for dating.
  • You can organize it any way you want.  I suggest dividing it into the 9 sections listed above.
  • Your Action Plan should be a separate notebook or computer file
  • Share what your first Action Plan entry will be in the Comments, below
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Jeremy Hamburgh
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  1. Jeremy Hamburgh says:

    When I developed my first Action Plan, I wanted to know how to start a conversation with a complete stranger. That was the birth of my Killer Conversation Starters.

  2. Creating the action plan was very helpful for me. It was very relieving to organize my thoughts and see specific issues that I have. I instantly felt the weight of the world off my back. As a bonus, I also noticed that there are things I do know. Well, if I know one thing and learn just a few more, then I know I can do this. Try spending time on the Action Plan and you’ll see what I mean.


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