8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Bulletproofing & Increase Your Confidence

8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Bulletproofing & Increase Your Confidence

Bulletproofing increases confidence

How many dating books have you read?

How many dating advice articles?

How many dating workshops?

(You can actually let me know by emailing me.)

In 2009, when Hitchcraft Dating first launched, I read every dating advice book that I could get my hands on.  On a flight back from California, a flight attendant stared at my food tray that was stacked with a half dozen of them.  Reading them was a waste of my time.

Each of those dating books instructed its reader to project confidence because, as each book said, confidence is sexy.

Missing from all those books was the realization that you have to feel confident before you can project confidence.  You can’t just project confidence because some writer tells you to.


Confidence exists along a spectrum.  On one end of the spectrum are people who have so little confidence that they avoid new people and new experiences.  On the other end of the spectrum are people who are so overconfident that they are oblivious to reality.  Most of us are somewhere in the middle — confident sometimes and lacking confidence other times.

I am going to tell you something amazing.  It is so simple that you may not believe it.  But you should.  And it is:  You can increase your confidence and feel bulletproof by doing simple things better.  

You might be thinking, “Maybe other people can feel bulletproof by doing simple things, but not me.  With my disability, I will never feel bulletproof.”  I hear that a lot.

I’m here to break you of that thinking.

You have more control over your confidence than you know.  It isn’t my opinion; it’s science.  So let’s talk about some ways you can make yourself feel more bulletproof.


Let’s start at the top of your head and work our way down….

1)  Get a stylish hair cut

Interesting note for ladies:  men tend to be more attracted to women who let their hair down than women who wear their hair up.  It’s biological.  If you’re interested, I’ll write about it one day.

2)  Maximize eyelashes  

Research shows that both sexes find long eyelashes attractive.  One researcher found three different explanations.  Again, if you’re interested, I’ll write about it.

3)  Mind your facial hair

Men, that means everything from your mustache and beard to your nose hairs.  Don’t forget your nose hairs!

Ladies, look closely in the mirror to make sure you don’t have unwanted hair on your upper lip or chin.  There’s no shame in it — just got rid of it.

4)  Go to the dentist to get your teeth sparkling white 

5)  Always brush your teeth, floss and rinse before walking out of the house

The better you care for your mouth, the more you’ll want to smile.  Smiling is attractive.

6)  Wear deodorant

There is no temperature low enough to justifying going without deodorant, no matter how little you sweat.

7)  Trim your finger and toenails 

8)  Eliminate unwanted body hair

This is for the ladies, more than anyone else.  Make sure to shave your leg hair, arm pit hair and dark arm hair.  Men like smooth skin.

What other tips do you have for bulletproofing your body?  Post them in the Comments, below.  (You can also read my personal top tip for feeling bulletproof in the Comments, below.)


When you commit to bulletproofing, an amazing cycle will begin for you.  Because you feel good about your appearance, you feel more confident on the inside.  Because you feel more confident on the inside, you feel more energized to improve your appearance.

Funny to think it all starts with a good haircut.  (Don’t worry, we’re still going to work on inner confidence!  Sign up for the Free Dating Guide in the sidebar and you won’t miss a thing.)


We all can feel more bulletproof than we do now.  Even I, who writes about feeling bulletproof, sometimes walk out the apartment door looking (and feeling) less than my best.  Imagine how many people in this world don’t even know that they can feel bulletproof with a little work!

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  • Increase your confidence and feel bulletproof by doing simple things well
  • Get a haircut
  • Straighten your eyelashes (yes, men, even you)
  • Trim or shave your facial hair
  • Practice good dental hygiene
  • Wear deodorant
  • Trim your finger and toenails
  • Shave unwanted body hair
  • Share your own bulletproofing tips in the Comments and read tips from other Villagers
Jeremy Hamburgh
Jeremy Hamburgh
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  1. Jeremy Hamburgh says:

    For me, a hair cut and a shave are the ultimate ways to feel bulletproof. Sometimes, though, I don’t have time for a full hair cut, so I trim my sideburns and around my ears before shaving my face. That makes me feel better than just shaving.

    What about you?

  2. Tony Langdon says:

    Personal grooming is definitely a big booster. I don’t go too far, just (usually) try to look neat, tidy and clean.

    • Jeremy Hamburgh says:


      Neat and tidy is definitely a huge part of the battle. What are your top ways to look neat and tidy?


  3. James Ogilvie says:

    If you know you’re going to meet someone very special or important the next day make sure that you also bulletproof your mind. One way you can do this is is to read something really postive in a book, or a magazine article the night before. It could even be an inspiring quotation! You would gain confidence in yourself the next day that people would see on your face and in how you walk. Giving you the extra boost needed to do whatever else is necessary to improve(or bulletproof) your body.


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